Full Accreditation & Membership is important.

All of our courses are Accredited by the Central Pastoral Foundation & Institute (CPFI). However, each individual will need to work through a process of Objective and regulatory Accreditation to show evidence of senior competence and skills to gain Full Accreditation with the CPFI after they graduate as Qualified Counsellors, Therapists or Psychotherapists.  It is requisite for senior professionals to validate their level of work through this process of Accreditation with the CPFI. http://www.cpfi.co.uk/index.html

1).  Membership of the CPFI:  

When a student graduates from any of our Diploma courses they are able to become a Member and use the designatory letters 'MCPFI' after their name or call themselves a 'Full Member'. The graduate will also be listed on the National Register of Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors & Student Counsellors (NRHPCSC).   roll of members in good standing and available to the general public on application to enquire after their good standing.  Membership is currently set at only £29.99 per year.

2).  Student Membership:

When a student is registered on any recognised course from Level - 4 upwards, including our own Foundation course, may enroll as a 'Student Member' with the CPFI and the NRHPCSC  and they may then apply for public liability insurance as a 'Student Counsellor' / 'student therapist'.  Then they may see clients in our placement facility at BUS-STOP Drop-In & Counselling Service.   Student membership is set at only £14.99 per year. 

3).  Full Accreditation: 

Any Member who becomes accredited will be able to use the designatory 'Accredited MCPFI' title after their name.    The member may call themselves a 'Fully Accredited Member of the CPFI' with the CPFI and the NRHPCSC for insurance purposes, etc.  

Accreditation will only offered to those Members in good standing and who conform to the ethical standards laid down by the CPFI and the student and graduate requirements of Convergence College including obedience to the Law and safeguarding of the general public (with no outstanding complaints against them).   In the matter of complaint it is necessary for any complaint to be resolved to the satisfaction of Convergence College Safeguarding Executive Committee and the CPFI Practice Board (as complaints that have been 'cleared' restoring a members good name) and that the members are also able to demonstrate their fitness to practice.  

There is also a need that members may further show a responsible duty of care, academic understanding, proven experience and current competence to practice, showing high skills levels with client work at a professional level, either in Counselling, Hypnosis, Coaching, NLP / Mentoring, or in Psychotherapeutic Counselling skills, etc..  Full Accreditation is set at only £49.99 per year.

NRHPCSC Registration:  

Registration on the National Register of Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Student Counsellors  (NRHPCSC) is currently only £9.99 for all graduates and 4.99 for all Student Counsellors. 


Sign up below and request an application form for Membership or Accreditation, or make an appointment to discuss the accreditation to gain more information - Also you may check out the Ultra Low Cost Counselling Training Courses are now possible for interaction around the world. You just sign up below to get started and let us know what application forms or courses you are interested in.

Also you will receive our 'Seminar' information 'Convergence Newsletter' with the latest details and information.  We will inform you of what courses are currently available for you to gain knowledge and understanding of your chosen subject/s.. 

At Convergence College we have the very best, highly skilled in-house tutors on campus at your disposal, both to interact with you and to help you achieve your goals in Counselling skills and qualifications.  All of our courses are accredited at the highest level with the Central Pastoral Foundation & Institute (CPFI) and the College will take you from Entry level Counselling Training up to Diploma level.  

You may also join at a senior year of the four year Diploma if you are able to show previous learning and / or qualification.  It is possible to come in on the 2nd year, or even 3rd year, in this event.

Membership and Accreditation of the CPFI are important factors in choosing a competent Professional. We aspire to seek excellence in Education here at Convergence College.
— ~ George Booty

Is Accreditation the way you wish to go?

  • Do you have some spare time you could invest in yourself ?
  • Are you missing business opportunities ?
  • Have you found it difficult to convince others of your qualifications ? 
  • Are You fearful of Advising or Supervising others ?
  • Think what better job you might have with proven Accreditation to validate you ?
  • For those who want to start a Counselling business of their own.
  • For Anyone who would like to gain validation in Counselling / Psychotherapy, etc.
  • Maybe you just need to improve your confidence and feel validated by your peers or the CPFI ?

What you will gain from Accreditation:

  • You will be able to place Accredited MCPFI  after your name.
  • Effective Advertising to gain more business. 
  • How to overcome critics of your training skills or College. 
  • Confidence to practice and possibly even reduced rates for insurance and work opportunities and advantages. 
  • An Full Accreditation of your skills that you work through as a process, which is something to be proud of, offered by the CPFI and fully regulated.