Why these skills are important

There are several causes that contribute to social and specific phobias such as genetic predisposition, age, and gender as well as societal, cultural, psychological, and physiological factors.  We believe that introjected or learned trauma templates are the common cause of fears and phobias, which are often swiftly dispatched within one or two simple counselling sessions.  Counsellors and sufferers are encouraged to learn about different techniques including Energy Flow Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is another modern technique which is also more intrusive.  

We utilise another technique called By-Pass Therapy (BPT) developed by George Booty at Convergence College and is the latest highly successful technique offered instead of existing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which was the most common therapy used by the NHS.  CBT uses techniques by building confidence with exposure activity.  BPT is a modern non-exposure technique which clients find much less intrusive and anxiety is kept at bare minimum at all times. We also explain about our other therapies such as the newly developed Amygdala Spotting (AS).

Did you know 3 out of 4 people suffer from a fear of public speaking?

Is this seminar for you?

  • Do you turn into a raving lunatic when you see a spider?
  • Are you missing business opportunities because you would rather die than speak in front of people?
  • Has it been 15 years since you have been to the dentist?
  • Are You fearful and would rather drive 23 hours to visit your parents than take a 2 hour air plane ride?
  • Think how long has it been since you went to a social function?
  • For Counsellors dealing with, treating or caring for people suffering from ongoing anxiety or an anxiety order, and wish to be more effective this day is for you
  • For Anyone who works or lives in a stressful environment that raises anxiety levels, or is simply curious about more effective and rapid ways to reduce anxiety levels.
  • Maybe you just need to deepen your understanding of anxiety disorders for personal or professional reasons, this course is for you

What you will gain from the day:

  • Understanding anxiety, fears & phobias and the mind/body link
  • Effective techniques to overcome panic disorders
  • How to overcome a major phobia or PTSD syndrome
  • The essential tips for dealing with anxiety





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