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Love Issues - 3  & Co-dependency Issues.   Finding your ideal partner will teach further skills in finding your way through Co-dependency damage in attraction.  How to gain lasting happiness in a relationship.   It will also bring light to the areas of our shadow which may dominate our lives, and cause us pain. This day will also show how we can move into a new era of happiness through personal exploration.  Another wonderful training day that shatters the many myths around Love issues and finding the ideal partner.

Don't make the same mistakes again.   This Convergence College model of deep spiritual 'Soul' issues in relationship will be revealed and has been developed through our Transpersonal training to get to the heart and spirit of the matter; offers you the latest feedback.  This Seminar on Co-dependency issues will seek new ways to overcome the draw of co-dependency damage and gain hope for the future.


Don’t keep making the wrong choice. You can learn once and for all to choose the right partner. Alchemical and Spiritual areas of soul qualities will guide you into a better future.
— George Booty

Is this seminar for you?

This Seminar will change your perception of the type of person as an ideal and should help find the ideal RIGHT partner if seeking a next time experience. It will explain why choices can be so wrong when they seem so right initially. It could change the whole way of seeking a 'Soul mate'.   Myths may be exploded for you to help make right choices in future, based on facts, rather than who you tend to be attracted to.  You may gain peace and harmony with someone you share the same soul qualities with, so come and find out how you can access this information and know yourself more and the partner of your dreams.    It will be useful to anyone who has suffered breakdowns in relationships and who seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over.  It will also be useful to anyone in the caring professions to point others in the right direction in finding peace and a more harmonious existence.  It is for NHS, Nursing, Caring, Counselling or Psychotherapy, or those who are involved in Pastoral, Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, Teaching or a simple Guidance role in this Convergence approach to modern attitudes to relationship dynamics or singles, separated and divorcing and simple couples counselling.


What you will gain from the day:

  • You will find new spiritual ideas and soul journey concepts to guide your choices. 
  • Learn to avoid the myths of happiness and the common mistakes when seeking a new partner.
  • Convergence alchemical material that may help your clients to avoid painful relationships by offering guidance beyond their understanding.
  • Find more confidence in choosing a partner wisely through a reliable method and process for success.




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