Why these skills are important


The Convergence College model has been developed through the pioneer work of others in the field getting to the heart of the matter & we offer you the latest insights & findings. 

These are the things which normal Counselling Courses do not usually deal with,   You will learn up to date research and treatment for this kind of issue and become clearer so you may approach the issues with more understanding and expertise in the future.  Clients will feel they are making progress when you learn these new skills to help sufferers.  Carers and Parents may be very much more informed to help those they are responsible for.

Many Doctors and Nurses get cross with patients coming into A & E, Walk in Centres or Surgeries, presenting Self Injury cases or Self Harmers, because they feel the sufferers are wasting their valuable time. This Seminar will show that it is important to understand that not all self harmers are merely seeking attention but in fact minimising emotional pain through the distraction of physical pain.

My scars show pain and suffering, but they also show my will to survive.

Is this seminar for you?

This Seminar has been developed for anyone in the NHS, Nursing, Caring, Counselling or Psychotherapy, or those who are involved in Pastoral, Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, Teaching or a simple Guidance role and anyone else with an interest in this Convergence approach to a modern understanding of depression and its causes bringing hope where the previously was none.


What you will gain from the day:

  • Gain valuable help to deal with sufferers of Self Harm.

  • Learning What are the root causes of this Self Abuse

  • Dispelling the Myths around Addictive Self Injury

  • Workshop for support & may even bring healing in the short term

  • Helping Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Carers not to judge wrongly




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