Why these skills are important


This is a new Seminar will help Counsellors to offer Couples professional counselling that works.  So many times we hear that specialist Counselling services do nothing, or accomplish nothing, although they do listen attentively and charge good money, but offer no real help or advise to couples who are often struggling about what really needs to be done. We believe this is born out of fear of the Nanny State we currently live in and the possibility of getting it wrong to the point of being on the receiving end of litigious outcomes. Where do people go then to get good strong advice or help to get a relationship back on track?  

We at Convergence College have developed Couples counselling that really works for existing clients and they will testify to real practical help through the pioneer work George Booty who also offers the latest statistics and information from our own research institute the CPFI.  This Seminar on Couples Counselling deals with everyday issues which will help every counsellor use experience of those who have been through marriage separation and divorce to bring expertise to the table and sound advice to help partners to identify areas to improve and ways to work together or safe ways to separate and heal.


We want our clients to feel they have got something from the professional counselling we offer.. So why does that not apply to Couples as well.? Fear is never a good reason to lack creativity in therapy as it stifles hope
— George Booty

Is this seminar for you?

This Seminar has been developed for couples who are suffering breakdowns in their relationships and need direction, it is also for those who are brave enough to work with couples and really work at changing lives for the better and to guard the children of these relationships.   Couples Counselling is not for the fainthearted and this is for any couples who may have difficulty in maintaining a healthy relationship or keeping a partner once they have found them. It will be helpful for those having who also care for those in distress or feel taken for granted, abused and even suicidal, it is for anyone in the NHS, Caring, Counselling or Psychotherapy, or those who are involved in Pastoral, Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, Teaching or a simple Guidance role and anyone else with an interest in the Convergence approach to couples relationship dynamics and who wish to offer practical help to sufferers.


What you will gain from the day:

  • Learn to uncover the root cause of any relationship breakdown and the effects of not really understanding each other.
  • Sex and Communications.  Learning to work through brain sex differences. And why they are so difficult and How to get the help required fast.  Also sexual issues and sexuality problems which may need addressing.
  • Learn to effectively understand how to counsell couples and bring hope to disastrous relationship issues with the Convergence model of direct intervention skills & how we can gain better results than normal counselling outcomes.
  • Convergence material that may help you to psychologically give hope and hold your clients through their emotional relationship fears and stress, while they begin to see and work through unhealthy behaviour patterns & help to gain a better understanding for improved outcomes.
  • Finding more confidence through a reliable method for understanding that it is a co-dependency issue and process.




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