FREE 6 week Course

We offer a warm learning environment where you will develop skills to calm chaotic people.

This is also a popular course for Msc, Bsc, local Uni & College students on placement at BUS-STOP Drop-In & Counselling Service


Saturdays 10am - 5:00pm



3 Month Introduction

Ultra Low Fees to make it easy for you to start and learn first hand Counselling Skills and basic theory. Only one evening per week course 7pm - 10pm for one term only 14 weeks.        


2 Year Diploma

This Diploma will qualify you for Counsellor status once you are accredited by the CPFI. 


6 Month Intermediate

Improvers course in experiential skills for Counselling & Psychotherapy. Easy to fit in with normal life. Only one evening per week. Course just two terms only 26 weeks


3 Year Diploma

This Diploma in Brief Therapies will give you Therapist status once you are accredited by the CPFI. 


1 Year Foundation

Counselling & Psychotherapy Certificated and Accredited Course. Only one evening per week for 1 year only.  A must for the professional pastoral minded students of Counselling / Psychotherapy

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4 Year Diploma

This is a Diploma in Integrative Pastoral Counselling & Psychotherapy, and will give you Psychotherapist status once you are accredited with the CPFI.