Why these skills are important

There Ultra Low Cost Counselling Training Courses are now possible for interaction around the world. You just sign up below to get started and let us know what courses you are interested in.

Also will also get our 'Seminar' information Newsletter with latest details and information.  We will inform you of what courses are currently available for you to gain knowledge and understanding. You will want to gain learning experience by internet learning modules and interactive Video calls through Skype, or whatever means are available and at your disposal. 

At Convergence College we have the very best, highly skilled in-house tutors on campus at your disposal, to interact with you, to help you achieve your goals in Counselling skills and qualification.  All of our courses are Accredited at the highest level with the Central Pastoral Foundation & Institute (CPFI) and the College will take you from Entry level Counselling Training up to Diploma level.  You will need to either be 1). in a local placement where you live or 2). be prepared to attend the few required one day seminars to ultimately complete the skills section of your course or 3). work online and engage effectively with your peers, to give you the accelerated experiential skills required.

Distance Learning is possible in todays modern technological world community which brings the world to your fingertips and an information explosion of new and inovative ideas

Is this Distance Learning for you?

  • Do you have some spare time you could invest in yourself ?
  • Are you missing business opportunities ?
  • Have you found it difficult to read people ? 
  • Are You fearful of managing others ?
  • Think what better job you might have with proven HR skills training ?
  • For those who want to start a Counselling business of their own.
  • For Anyone who would like to gain a qualification in Counselling.
  • Maybe you just need to improve your mind and understand others ?

What you will gain from the courses:

  • Understanding with emotional intelligence
  • Effective techniques to make relationships work 
  • How to overcome major issues in Counselling 
  • The essential tips for dealing with chaotic clients and counselling skills to aid your journey through life 
  • A qualification that is accredited by the CPFI and regulated.
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