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Why these skills are important

Find real interpretation that you can trust. Most people have difficulty accessing some of their emotions, yet strangely are also unaware of this problem until it is highlighted in some way.  In the Seminar we will seek to find some way of enabling attendees to access and sit with these feelings brought out in their dreams to bring guidance and hope as the brain finds resolution to everyday issues to keep you sane.  

Our model has been developed through the pioneer work of others trying to get to the heart of the matter in Dream interpretation, exploration & the latest scientific data. 

Convergence College dream work therapy intervention will work responsibly and reliably due to this great new theory explored in personal practice and born out in a therapeutic setting to be the latest interpretation technique; for the correct the way to discover true meaning within normal dreaming patterns.


Did you know the brain resolves issues from the previous 24-48 hours during REM sleep? Charlatans and unscrupulous money grabbers will try to sell you the idea that everything is a symbol and is a prophesy like fortune telling with mystical power
— George Booty

Is this seminar for you?

This seminar is helpful for anyone who wishes to make sense of Dreams without being deceived by charlatans who suggest they have some mystical knowledge or made up descriptions of symbols and signs. it is also helpful to those who are involved in Pastoral, Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, or simply Guidance for anyone else with an interest in this new scientific approach to modern dream interpretation work.


What you will gain from the day:

  • Learn to understand the history of dream work understand & how it can help become more aware of our processing within the dreaming brain.
  • Convergence material that help you to psychologically hold a client through dream work & understanding of the workings of their unconscious minds.
  • Finding more confidence through a reliable method for understanding dream interpretations. Making the unconscious, conscious,

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