Convergence Therapist - Fast Track Diploma

NEW - The Fast Track Diploma to become a Therapist involves twenty four structured seminars.
You may complete the diploma in only 12 - 18 months, or alternatively take flexible Seminars over a 6 year period.  You do not need to engage with personal therapy in this Brief Solutions Fast Track route..

Students benefit from our accelerated learning from day one. 
Convergence College Fast Track Diploma was designed for those who are confident of their abilities and have limited time to train. The Diploma affords a higher level of resources to train at this level in the Counselling & Psychotherapy profession. 


Study at your own pace and at your own level... Convergence offers fantastic flexibility.

Career path to become a Brief Solution Therapist 

You may choose which path you take due to time constraints so you may take the basic courses right now as time permits and take your time to find out if you don't know what choice to take immediately right now.

You may also wish to take our new BPT Course which is an alternative to Hypnotherapy or go on to study as a Psychotherapist. The Diploma is good for any Career Path and will always enhance any training you do in the caring professions.  Yet it is also for those with an interest in Therapy, partners or anyone. You will find that it works well for those in the NHS, Nursing, Caring, Counselling or Psychotherapy, or those who are involved in Pastoral, Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, Teaching or a simple Guidance role and anyone else with an interest in this Convergence approach to a modern understanding of Counselling & Psychotherapy Training.


Convergence Advantages:


  • Amazing personal one day Seminars give you high information and skills immediately in any one subject field of therapy.
  • Seminars are great for Continuing Professional Development
  • Ideal Central base to serve London and the Midlands areas
  • Cost effective Seminars and full Notes supplied with a full Certificated attendance.
  • Early Bird prices to make your training even more cost effective.
  • Partners may attend for half price
  • Diploma course available once you start attending Seminars, to study and gain a qualification with this flexible student led training schedule, of 12 - 18 months or slow down up to six  years. You decide.


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