Grief & Loss - Day Seminar & Workshop



Why these skills are important


There are basically five stages of Grief according to Kubler-Ross.  Many have difficulty accessing some of their emotions, yet strangely are also unaware of this problem until it is highlighted in some way. Some clients are delusional and have visions and physical experiences and some repress the emotions ignorantly or perhaps try very hard to simply contain and not express their emotional grief.  It oftentimes will manifest at a later time, when someone or something else passes. In the Seminar we will seek to find some way of enabling counsellors and sufferers to access and sit with these feelings and not be in denial of them which will kick start the client healing..  

The Convergence College model has been developed through the pioneer work of others like Kubler-Ross methods in trying to get to the heart of the matter & the latest scientific data.  This Bereavement Therapy intervention will work responsibly and reliably due to the tried and tested psychological approach we use.  It is a great new theory explored in practice and born out in a therapeutic setting to be the safest way of dealing with Grief and Loss.


Did you know the brain will delude into apparitions, visions and convictions that a person is still very present when actually deceased and their spirit has passed on?

Is this seminar for you?

This Seminar has been developed for anyone in the NHS, in Nursing, Caring, Counselling or Psychotherapy, or those who are involved in Pastoral, Spiritual leadership, Mentoring, Teaching or a simple Guidance role and anyone else with an interest in this Convergence approach to modern grief Counselling.


What you will gain from the day:

  • Learn to uncover Trauma (shock) in Grief and Loss and How to get the help required fast.
  • Learn to understand the Kubler-Ross method & how we can help become more aware of our processing within the brain.
  • Convergence material that help you to psychologically hold a client through grief & Loss work & understanding of the workings of their unconscious minds.
  • Finding more confidence through a reliable method for understanding that it is a time prcess.




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