Healing from Abuse - One Day (over two evenings) Seminar & Workshop


Why these skills are important


Anyone who has been a victim of abuse will tell you it can change your life forever. You never really feel safe or fully trust and sometimes anxiety can get the best of you. Many who have suffered abuse express frustration with being unable to get over the experience not being able to live a happy and productive life. Now you may find healing from the trauma memories that cause so much pain.

This life can be painful and includes depressed moods, angry explosions, self-consciousness, rocky relationships, insecurity, substance abuse, promiscuity, anxiety, and constantly feeling overwhelmed. Many often engage in self-destructive behavior. It is imperative that individuals having experienced abuse seek treatment to normalize their experience and develop the skills they need to live beyond happily & successfully. Our Healing from Abuse Seminar will help Counsellors and Sufferers alike to work through issues of the past and discover new hope for a brighter future.

People can be cruel, and they will be. People can hurt you, break your heart and they will. But only you can let them keep hurting you...

Is this seminar for you?

If you Counsell sufferers or have suffered abuse in your life, attending this seminar will open your eyes to some powerful strategies to deal with the negative thoughts and behaviors that you may be experiencing. You will learn about non-intrusive Trauma therapies that will bring healing and peace with the past in a way you never thought possible.  Our experienced therapists have been treating victims who have been abused for many years and will offer help to start your path to healing. You should find this seminar very informative and inspirational.  


What you will gain from the day:

  • How to help clients reclaim their natural sense of self, confidence, compassion and hope
  • How to stop resentment, anger, or emotional abuse from being passed down to hurt your children
  • How to be the person and partner you most want to be
  • How to be motivated by your deepest values

What you’ll learn:

  • You will learn about the various forms of abuse
  • You can be abusive without intending to be
  • The latest scientific knowledge of how emotions work
  • The hidden role of fear and shame in relationships




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