3 Month Course - Introduction to Counselling


NEW - 3 Month Introduction to Counselling Course. This is a Taster evening course of the highest quality even if you know nothing of Counselling at all.  It is designed to give you just one term as an introduction-taster to training again, in learning Counselling skills.  It is accredited with a National regulatory research Institute. You are only committing to 3 months of study and this will help you to learn some new life skills and experience counselling training first hand. 

The new Convergence College model has been developed from the need to give potential students an opportunity to taste it a see.  This course is ideal if you wish to find out how great the course is when you have limited funds available.  And for those who wish to start with the basics in learning to be a counsellor or simply to get on the learning ladder, then this is for you to also discover about yourself and others. 

This introduction counselling course will get you started on the road to success as a industry professional.

Career path to become a Counsellor

Ideal for Single parents and for those looking to get back to work. You may take your time to find out, even if you don't know what choices are ahead of you right now.

You may even go on to study to become a Qualified Counsellor, Therapist or Psychotherapist. The Training courses are all good for any Career Path and will always enhance any learning you do.


Convergence Benefits:

  • Ideal in family situation - Single parents may work at home
  • Ultra Low Cost evening Courses - On Benefits or low income
  • Flexibility to start. Join us any any term on the evening courses.
  • Hands on - Experiential Skills Training and workshops.
  • Career Path opportunities to open up work possibilities.
  • Central Location of our Campus serving London & Midlands.
  • The long term view - Maybe start your own business. 
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