Dealing with Anger Fast - One Day Seminar & Workshop



Why these skills are important

Angry behaviour is often stupid. We hurt ourselves and others when we have unchecked anger and rage. Road-Rage is a typical example of this and how it can be out of control very fast.  Anger as an emotion is a normal reaction to life at times.  It is our trigger which shows when our boundaries have been crossed, or when we feel an injustice, either towards ourselves or our loved ones.  This Seminar & Workshop will show proof of why some myths do not work and why other techniques do.  We provide understanding and discuss the left brain right brain interactions needed in anger management.   The confidential and supportive environment helps people to feel comfortable enough to disclose their problems so that they may obtain the skills necessary to overcome their anger issues.

Our popular workshops help, with many issues such as anger management, depression, anxiety, fear, self-esteem issues and more. The Convergence trained Counselor will be able to explore feelings, concerns, and behaviors in order to help clients acquire the skills necessary to resolve their personal issues.

Turn resentment, anger, verbal abuse, or emotional abuse into compassion

Is this seminar for you?

The seminar will help Counsellors and clients gain new understanding and control of their anger in a new and decisive way and develop techniques in helping themselves and others overcome these very strong and potentially destructive emotions.  You will find a new healing Identity that marshals your resilience, strengths, and desire to improve your life of personal calmness and growth. The tone is healing, not accusatory, compassionate not blaming, valuing not devaluing, and, most of all, empowering.


What you will gain from the day:

  • How to find composure and natural sense of calm, confidence, and compassion, when you feel angry
  • How to stop resentment, anger, and explosive behaviour fast
  • How to be the person and partner you most want to be
  • How to be motivated by your deepest values
  • Explore the latest scientific knowledge of how emotions work
  • Understand the hidden role of fear and shame in relationships.

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