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Seminars for January/February 2014



Change Stinking Thinking - Depression Recovery How to Reframe Negativity  #  - Positive Change is key. Convergence Induction used in BPT (By-Pass Therapy). Convergence Psychotherapy techniques to resolve many issues, May be taught for deep relaxation to combat stress and depression. Using imagination to help destress and to build confidence in business and personal life, Goal setting. Finding direction - also used in both Waking Dream and Sub-Personality work with the unconscious mind, Positive imagination in re-framing. Please simply email us for more details. Friday 10th January 2014.


'Chaotic Client & Self' - Counselling-Psychotherapy–1  Fast Track.  #  The 6 Week 'Chaotic Client & self' Course completed fast in one day only.  Basic Experiential Counselling Skills.  Defining Classic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Learning Unconditional Positive Regard. Brief Therapies, Integrating and getting in touch with our Spirituality, Convergence Induction healing, Re-framing / Rehearsal. Brief Therapies, CBT, Depression, Trauma, Brief look at Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Please simply email us for more details.  Friday 17th January 2014


Overcoming Anger Fast & Workshop  # - Causes of Anger, Destroying the Myths. Early frustrations, Self-Esteem issues, Managing Anger now, Right brain emotional thinking, stupid behaviour. Identifying triggers, The Left brain, heading it off. Learning how to get back in control for good. Autistic / Aspergers difficulties. . Finding peace. Please simply email us for more details. Friday 24th January 2014.


Love Addiction Issues - Co-Dependency-2  # - Love Addiction Vs Co-dependency?  Love Avoidant Addict or Love Seeker Addict, Attachment issues? Also Co-Dependency issues around substance abuse and Narcissism, co-dependency issues and the mentally ill Parent. How to address co-dependence and-or attachment issues. Identifying unhealthy relationships and knowing the cause. Changing your relationship dynamics. Boundary Issues. The Tango.  Finding a healthy relationship. Please simply email us for more details. Friday 31st January 2014


Coping with Self- Harm  #  - Finding relief from the roots of original pain, Sufferers  - help to find ways through self- harm, Sublimating other forms of Expression, Causes of self-harm, How to help self-harmers, Counselling Self-harm on the day.  Helping Carers to understand.  Helping Doctors and Nurses to deal with the patients of Self-Injury without judgement.  Destroying the Myths and personal testimonies. Please simply email us for more details.  Friday 6th February 2014 


Stress – How to Manage it? #  - Stress management. The difference between ‘Stretched’ and ‘Stressed’. Keeping healthily ‘Stretched’ is so important. Find the anti-dotes to stress. How stress forms Anger and Depression. Convergence Induction technique to alleviate anxiety and stress situations. Helping family members to de-stress safely.  Destroying the Myths around Stress control.  Please simply email us for more details.  Friday 14th February 2014.

And you can also book onto all 2014 courses now and get a 10% discount* by booking 5 courses at once, call: 01908 234643

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Fighting Eating Disorders - Obesity, Comfort eating, Oral fixations, Angry eating, Anorexia, Bulimia, Little known Effects of Dieting and Mental health. Eating signs of depression , Disguising sexuality due to abuse. Co-dependency and unconscious introjections from childhood. Control and power issues. Latest research discussed and new techniques taught for empowerment and success. New Dates - Friday (from 3rd January) - 2014.