Why these skills are important

There are many people out there suffering from addictive behaviour and i substance abuse and other addictions

We utilise the latest psychologicalmethods to help those who are suffering and surprisingly we do not ask sufferers to give up their addictive behaviour while we are giving thereapy.  Inovatively, we leave it to the person suffering addiction to decide when it really is the right time for them.

Addictions - who needs them? The first step is surely owning the Addiction by not making excuses and realising you dont have the resources to gain control without help.

Is this seminar for you?

  • Do you turn into a raving lunatic ?
  • Are you missing business opportunities ?
  • Has it been 15 years since you 
  • Are You fearful and would rather ?
  • Think how long has it been since you went ?
  • For Counsellors dealing with, treating or caring for
  • For Anyone who s.
  • Maybe you just need to 
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What you will gain from the day:

  • Understanding link
  • Effective techniques 
  • How to overcome a major 
  • The essential tips for dealing with 





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